Huawei unveils New P30 Pro designs that wows!

Huawei unveils New P30 Pro designs that wows!

Mobile phone manufacturing giant Huawei today released new designs for its flagship phone, the P30 Pro.

The eye candy designs for the new phones feature two distinct colors that buyers can choose from. According to reports, Huawei released a Misty Lavender and Mystic Blue versions of the said phone. However, according to reports, there are no major changes in the internal specifications of the mobile figure. Notably, the giant mobile phone producer just wanted to release new designs and colors for one of their hottest products. However, the phone comes with Android’s newest system, the Android 10. Hence, you’re buying a cute phone with a powerhouse processor (read: top of the line).

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Another Huawei Phone got leaked.

Officially, Huawei planned to release the new Mate 30 Pro in Munich, Germany this coming September 19. However, the Mate 30 Pro designs were leaked to the public two weeks before its release. Fortunately, though, the leak worked wonders for the Chinese company as rabid mobile phone enthusiasts can no longer wait to get their hands on the new designs of the Mate 30 Pro and the P30 Pro as well. Truly, Huawei wows this time.

The mobile phone manufacturing giant recently figured in a massive trade blockade by different western nations. In separate reports, Huawei allegedly meddled with international politics as it operated under Chinese rule. The accusations came from the US, Canadian, and European governments. Additionally, they contest that the Government of China uses Huawei phones to spy on the Americans and other western nations. Fortunately, though, the ban has since been removed.

Currently, Huawei trails Samsung as the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer. Earlier this year, it has overtaken Apple in terms of worldwide sales and revenue.


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