How Will You Know When To Stop The Fight?

How Will You Know When To Stop The Fight?

We, human beings will come to a certain point in life where we will be faced with a tremendous fight like trials and challenges that will either break us or shape us as a person. The result will depend on our perspective on things.

fight in our lives

If we take each challenge as something that will strengthen us and contribute to our well-being, we will have the courage and determination to overcome it no matter how challenging it may be.

On the other hand, if we wallow in the negative/s and allow it to consume us, it will be harder for us to be grateful and accept that those challenges are lessons that we have to learn from to better improve ourselves.

when do we stop the fight?

But regardless if we see those trials as positive or negative, we will inevitably come to a point wherein we would question ourselves.

Is the battle still worth the fight or is it best to hold on and believe that things will eventually come around?

stop it now

For us to choose which the better option is, one must re-assess the situation and weigh the pros and cons, zoom out of the picture in order to see the entirety of it and further understand what is really happening.

By doing all these, you will have a high chance of choosing a better solution to your problem.


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