How to Respond to Your Boss Who Fired You Through Email?

How to Respond to Your Boss Who Fired You Through Email?

An anonymous employee posted on an online forum seeking advice on how to respond to your boss who fired them via email. Let’s look at the responses on his post.

What’s worse than getting rejected by people whom you thought are believing in you? I believe it is getting fired from your job. It seems to be a frightening experience or one that would leave you speechless.

However, it would also be difficult for the person giving the bad news; what kind of a person enjoys looking someone in the eye and telling them that they can no longer continue their job?

how to respond to your bosses

There is little room for sentimentality in this cruel world. Sometimes we are left to harm others to achieve success.

Work is work. Therefore, a boss needs to do the right thing – take the seemingly hopeless employee to one corner and professionally disclose it as it is.

Other bosses would not be able to conceal it. They will tend to feel guilty for treating the employee unfairly, or maybe they had built such a good relationship that this might be a heartbreaking way to end it.

How to Respond to Your Boss: Negatively or Positively?

Therefore, when this anonymous employee went to Quora seeking advice on how to respond with a boss who fired them via email.

employee asks on how to respond to your boss who fired you
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They found a variety of responses, including sympathy, engaging, and savage remarks.

On the other hand, others thought that the delivery is unnecessary, it is only the message that is important.

The discussion created a division among the people, some expressed the desire for revenge while others urged for self-control, and to stay the ‘bigger person.’

Therefore, how do you properly fire someone with respect? Mike Kappel from Forbes has a few tips on how to do it professionally.

how to respond to your boss

“When you meet with an employee to tell them they are being fired, you need to tell them as soon as the meeting starts,” Mike writes.

“If you were getting fired, you wouldn’t want to talk about the weather or last night’s football game before hearing the news. Answer any questions relating to the employee’s last paycheck, collecting unemployment benefits, and health insurance.”

Boss Should Not Embarrass the Employee

While being clear and direct, it is important for bosses to do it discreetly as not to embarrass the employee.

 “Other employees don’t know if or when they’re going to be on the chopping block. And, your employees could have relationships with the fired employee,” he continues.


“If you fire an employee in front of everyone, you risk draining the morale out of the other employees.”

“Consider firing the employee after your other employees leave. That way, the terminated employee does not need to leave your office (or wherever you fire them) in front of their co-workers.”

Finally, you want to assure that your actions in terminating the employee’s contract are completely legal. “Did you have your employee sign a contract when you hired them?” Mike asks.


“If not, they are employed at-will, meaning you can terminate their employment at any time. Don’t fire an employee as an act of discrimination. And, you can’t fire an employee for taking medical leave. You might want to consult a lawyer before you fire an employee.”

“If your employee has a contract with your business, you cannot fire them for reasons not listed in the contract.


The contract should state reasons you can end a worker’s employment at your business. If they don’t violate the listed reasons, don’t break the contract.”

All are considered a matter of common sense, right? However, we know a lot of bosses who lack that! Don’t be too hard on yourself and burden you to what you are currently feeling.


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