How To Immediately Boost Our Mood Scientifically

How To Immediately Boost Our Mood Scientifically

Nowadays, success and fame are the sources of happiness. While some people find it in their family and children. However, if these things are not present in those people, it can affect their mood and they will be sad.

So, what is the real meaning of happiness?

According to Martin Seligman, founding father of Positive Psychology Movement,

Happiness is “feeling recurrent positive emotions such as joy, excitement, satisfaction, and combined with deeper feelings of meaning and purpose.”

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The description of Seligman is not entirely wrong. His idea of happiness suggests that everyone can get a continuous status of cheerfulness.

But according to Lowri Dowthwaite, also known as “Mrs. Happy,” happiness is much more flexible than we understood. It might not be endless, but there are habits to make it!

Recently, researchers are arguing that happiness is not constant, but it is something flexible that we can unswervingly work on and eventually strive towards.

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Dowthwaite looks for research and do workshops about happiness and teach others how to transform all the events in your life into happiness.

Scientific Way To Boost Your Mood and Be Happy

Researcher Todd Kashdan found out in his study that mental flexibility is vital to be happy and have good well-being.

In other words, Kashdan is saying that it’s important to think about how we react to a life event rather than the occasion itself.

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In philosophical logic, there are two routes to happiness: hedonist (self-indulgent) and the eudaimonic.

The hedonist route of happiness starts by maximizing desires and evade discomfort at all costs.

The major defect in this path is that we are becoming hunters of happiness. We will always search for ways to become happy and it could be tiring.

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Eudaimonic happiness is a considerable extensive path but this is more fruitful. In this way of thinking, we ought to be living faithfully and continuously search for the greater good.

The deeper meaning of happiness is pursued through kindness, impartiality, trustworthiness, and bravery.

Our capacities to overcome and endure stress will make us strong which will transform us from just mere followers into great leaders who can take care of others and himself.

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Even though problems and trials are stressful and unhappy at first but being able to overcome it will make us happy.

It’s also vital to reminisce that being happy and looking for happiness are two distinct actions.

Being happy is a temporary state while living a happy life is about accepting who you are and letting ourselves to flourish.

This is indeed helpful for us to learn how to be happy. Being able to respond wisely to the happenings in life allows us to be happy, whatever is the situation.

Let us share this information with other people so that we can spread happiness in the world.


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