How To Appreciate The People Who Care About Us?

How To Appreciate The People Who Care About Us?

In our lifetime, we meet people depending on our season and with that, we meet them for a reason and we should appreciate them. Seasonal people are people who stay in a certain chapter in our life.

They come to our life to make us realize things and teach us life lessons that we would not learn if it were not for them. These people are often referred to as “lessons”.

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However, some people are still meant to stay in our life and accompany us on our journey.

They are people called “blessings”, these are the people who care about us, who love us with all we are, appreciate who we are and accept our flaws and imperfections and that does not stop there.

Above all, people who truly care for us do not tolerate us with our wrongful acts and behavior.

They try their best to make us realize our bad habits and attitude. They make us work on changing them and improving ourselves in order to achieve our best self.


Sometimes, we strongly disagree with them because we do not believe that something is wrong with us especially when we are filled with pride and ego.

Also, people have different personalities, therefore, we adapt to various approaches that will make us want to self assess and reflect on what we lack, and we are continuously doing wrong.

Having said that, how do we appreciate the people who truly care about us? There are only two ways: Firstly, we should weigh the situation and reflect on ourselves for us to be motivated and be a better person.

Lastly, let us know and understand where they are coming from and understand that they are doing the things that we might sometimes hate but, in the end, is in our favor.


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