How to Achieve Self Appreciation in Life?

How to Achieve Self Appreciation in Life?

In our lifetime, we experience the metaphor of riding a rollercoaster with our ups and downs. Life is also being compared to a rolling wheel wherein we do not experience being on top all the time.

Sometimes, we also have to be at our lowest point and darkest moments in order for us to be grateful and appreciate what we have.

self-appreciation in life

Similar to being at our lowest point, it is compared to an arrow being stretched and pulled back in order to be aimed at something better and that with every low, there are also highs.

However, when we are on the verge of depression or when life is constantly throwing us a pile of problems and difficulties that we have to face for us to overcome our fears and become a better version.

If not yet the best one of ourselves, we tend to wallow on what we do not have and pity ourselves, especially when comparing our life situation with others who seem to have their life together.

With that, we forget to appreciate ourselves and the qualities that we possess and underestimate our capabilities when being at our lowest state in life.

comeback of a person

But, despite experiencing a series of setbacks, we all deserve a huge comeback, don’t we?

Here’s how we can achieve self-appreciation especially when we need it the most. Firstly, we have to reflect on our situation and balance everything.

From what we can improve on to what we can further develop. Secondly, we have to accept our flaws and imperfections and appreciate that this is who we are and what we possess.

Lastly, as they say, “self-love is the biggest flex” and you can achieve self-love by first appreciating yourself.


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