How Our Brain Looks Like When Processing A Thought

How Our Brain Looks Like When Processing A Thought

We don’t often think about what it means to think or how our brain process it. Have you ever thought about it?

Every single thought that goes through our minds involves a complex process involving stimulation, processing, and response.

Neuroscientists have long understood how this works, but recently at UC Berkeley, they have finally been able to see it.

They saw how our brain looks like when it is working by recording the electrical activity of neurons directly from the surface of the brain.

They were able to locate the parts of the brain that activate first, then follow that activity to the next location. It’s totally amazing, and you can see it for yourself.

When a stimulus, such as a word, is given, the visual and auditory cortexes light up in reaction to the stimuli first.

how our brain works

Next, the prefrontal cortex boots up and interprets the meaning. Lastly, the motor cortex is switched on in preparation for action. The thing lasts less than half a second.

how our brain work

When spread out over six seconds, it’s easy to see how each part of the brain works together, managed by the prefrontal cortex. It’s fascinating!

It’s so amazing to know that people out there can help us see how our brains look like when it is processing a thought.

We believe that as science becomes more advanced, we can learn a lot of things that can surpass our wildest imaginations. The future is bright!


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