How Kawhi Leonard Told the Raptors that He’s Leaving.

How Kawhi Leonard Told the Raptors that He’s Leaving.

NBA superstar Kawhi Leonard has bolted out of the Toronto Raptors to join Paul George in Los Angeles Clippers.

True to his stoic nature, the 2019 NBA Finals MVP notified Toronto Raptors Head Coach Nick Nurse via text message of his decision to leave the Canadian ball club and head back to the NBA’s Western Conference to play for his home town team – the Los Angeles Clippers. The text message contained three words: “I’m going home.”

It would seem like a brewing disaster from the onset. With the Raptors signing Kahwi Leonard for only a year, a lot of speculations went around the league. And no fewer than Ten (10) teams made their pitches all year round.

Three teams proved to be the most preferred landing spot for the Klaw: The Los Angeles Lakers, the Clippers, and the Raptors. Evidently, the Lakers were the favorites to land Kahwi Leonard. With the opportunity to create a new “Big Three” with Lebron James and Anthony Davis, it would seem like to prime spot for him to continue. However, the Clippers’ spoiled the party with the heist of the century. In reality, his decision to sign with the Clippers caused a lot of commotion in the NBA.

Kawhi Leonard joins superstar Paul George and NBA Sixth Man of Year, Lou Williams in the Clippers. This makes them the grand favorites to win it all in the coming NBA season.

Kahwi Leonard is a Los Angeles-native who played college basketball in nearby San Diego State. In the NBA, he joined forces with San Antonio’s Big Three and won the 2014 NBA Championship. However, this team up proved to be short lived as locker room issues between Kawhi Leonard and the management of the Spurs became prevalent. In 2018,the Spurs traded Kawhi Leonard to the Raptors. As a result, Kawhi Leonard led the team to its first ever NBA Championship.



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