How Healthy is your Relationship with your Smartphone?

How Healthy is your Relationship with your Smartphone?

If we stop for a moment and look around, we are no doubt within a technological revolution. But how healthy is our relationship with our gadgets?

Imagine someone recovering from a 20-year-long coma and woke up today he would be shocked at the people walking around with their heads fixed on their phones.

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Indeed, smartphones have completely changed how we behave towards one another as well as the world around us. However, have they improved humanity for the better, or only created endless distractions?

Is the Smartphone Healthy for Us?

A viral cartoon video showing the dark side of this revolution is on the WAKE UP page on Facebook

It shows the perspective of a child who wanders through a parade of zombies looking for a connection. The video has more than 250,000 times shares over the past month.

How healthy is your relationship with your smartphone?

The video shows a critique of how smartphones can transform our lives especially with our children who are easily marginalized by technology.

It is an edited version of a music video that illustrator and animator Steve Cutts made for Moby and the Void Pacific Choir’s song “Are You Lost in the World Like Me?” in 2016.

“A few years ago I saw Steve Cutts’ ‘MAN’ video and was amazed and blown away,”


“The video he made for ‘Are You Lost in the World Like Me?’ is without question one of the best videos that’s ever been made for one of my songs.”


“For me, the video is about our increasing dependence on technology and about human interaction today, or a certain lack of it.

It focuses on the way tech is changing us – how we have become desensitized,” Cutts added.

Here is the complete original video.

After seeing his award-winning short film “MAN,” Moby connected with Cutts. “MAN” is an animated short film that tells us a story of how human beings can become the ultimate victims of our carelessness.


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