How Google’s Favorite INDIAN Startup is Making Life Easier

How Google’s Favorite INDIAN Startup is Making Life Easier

How does Google’s favorite Indian startup make life easier? An application “Just Dunzo it” is promising to help with the daily task.

Dunzo offers to do everything on your to-do list like picking up your groceries and transporting your packages.

Founder and chief executive Kabeer Biswas told CNN Business.

Dunzo is like a browser on top of the real world, where you can transact, courier, and commute from one place to another without ever having to step into the real world.

He added,

Dunzo brings the city to you, no matter where, no matter what, no matter when,

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How Google's favorite startup makes life easier
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Just Dunzo it: How Google’s favorite Indian startup makes your life easier

Biswas came up with the idea when he moved to Bangalore. He started a group on WhatsApp. He fulfilled requests such as shopping for groceries and even changing batteries. Words spread out and messages began to pile up. So he decided to scale up.

With three co-founders, Biswas built a company that now serves over 2 million transactions across nine cities in India. Dunzo charges on how hard the task is and distance traveled. They say an average cost less than a dollar.

Truly Biswas came up with amazing ideas and hope that they help more people in India and probably in other countries as well.


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