How Does a Mother Panda Treat Her Baby?

How Does a Mother Panda Treat Her Baby?

You may be amazed to know this, but not every female animal has maternal instincts. Maybe it’s not just that instant. But how does a mother animal treat their newborn baby?

Let’s look at this mother panda as an example.

how does a mother panda take care of baby?

In contrast with human mothers who can’t wait to spend time with their sons and daughters, this mother panda is denying her babies. They leave them to survive alone.

Let’s look at Min-Min, the mother panda who gave birth to a child.

baby panda
Youtube / BBC Earth

It was necessary for physicians and zoo employees to perform a complete physical test to ensure that the small panda was completely healthy.

Min-Min the Panda
Youtube / BBC Earth

The newborn panda was prepared to reunite with her mom after passing the physical exam. However, would Min-Min the mother panda is prepared for the task of being a mother?

With a hope that Min-Min would acknowledge her baby and her maternal instincts would come out, the staff had to coat the panda with distinct scents.

It seemed, sadly, that nothing could reunite a mother with her little one. But then Min-Min thought something. Let’s watch what happens next in the video below.

Min-Min and the baby panda ended up being a happy family despite the fact that her mother doubted her maternal skills.

Fortunately, everything went well. Share this wonderful story of a mother and child with your friends.


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