Hong Kong Protesters Are Asking for Help from Trump

Hong Kong Protesters Are Asking for Help from Trump

With the ongoing protests and political problems in Hong Kong, tens of thousands of protesters marched to the US Consulate in their country.

The people are asking for help from Donald Trump in their current problems.

The Hong Kong protesters are pleading the US President to promptly help them regarding the democracy and human rights violations that they are experiencing from mainland China.

Moreover, these people are asking to immediately pass the proposed “Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act 2019” by the US Congress.

This law will supposedly help their country to have the democracy they are fighting for.

It could also help them have the power to fight back with mainland China with the help of the United States.

However, Trump has been trying not to interfere with their conflicts to prevent further problems between China and the US.

But there are rumors that are escalating regarding the protests happening in Hong Kong.

Some mainland Chinese officials accused the Washington D.C. of being the mastermind of all the protests regarding the extradition bill.

Since there are no shreds of evidence with the accusations, it will just stay as a rumor with no proof.

Certainly, the Hong Kong protesters are still waiting for the response of Trump with their march to the US consulate. That’s why the only thing they can do right now is to be patient and hold on to their democracy.


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