Hong Kong Disneyland Became The Saddest Place on Earth

Hong Kong Disneyland Became The Saddest Place on Earth

Most people in the world know that Hong Kong Disneyland is the happiest place on Earth.

hong kong disneyland
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That’s why many people are dreaming to visit this magical place where the adults can feel like kids again.

Sadly, Hong Kong Disneyland is more like the saddest place on Earth now because of the continuous conflicts and protests in Hong Kong.

This magical theme park is now experiencing the effects in which is quite alarming.

According to the finance secretary of Hong Kong, the protests have already affected their economy big time.

Moreover, their tourism is the sector that has been affected most which includes Disneyland.

empty lines
Empty Lines in Hong Kong Disneyland via SCMP

“The pro-democracy rallies and conflicts are continuously raging since June and it already affected our country’s economy really hard. The tourism, retail, and hotel industries are all suffering with it.”

Paul Chan, Financial Secretary of Hong Kong.

Secretary Chan also added that their tourist arrivals have a 40% decrease last month compared to last year.

Above all, the Hong Kong International airport also recorded a 12.4% decline of passengers last month as well.

Therefore, the statistics of the decreasing number of tourists are evident in Hong Kong Disneyland. There are shorter lines with the rides and sometimes it has no line at all.

Tourist Video of An Almost Empty Hong Kong Disneyland

Usually, it would take half an hour to enjoy a ride in one of the rides of the theme park.

But today, you can enjoy it without waiting because there are fewer people visiting the magical park.

We hope that the conflicts in Hong Kong can be resolved immediately so that people will be happy again by visiting the happiest place on Earth.


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