Honest Kids that Returned a Wallet that has $700 cash in it

Honest Kids that Returned a Wallet that has $700 cash in it

Footage of the Honest Kids

The owner of the wallet named Jamie Carlton posted a video on Facebook. His post is all about the honest kids that returned his wallet.

These children named Haylie who is 13 years old, her brother Reagan who is 6 years old, and their friend Ashley, found Carlton’s wallet beside his car and, they decided to do what was right.

Those kids immediately went to the front door of the owner. But an automated message greeted them, saying that Carlton is not home.

The message also tells those kids that the camera was recording everything that was happening at that time.

Therefore, the kids tell the machine what happened, and they left the wallet in his front door, which is hidden somewhere in that location, to prevent it from losing again.

Carlton said that his wallet has $700 cash inside and even a dollar is not missing. He was so impressed and moved with the actions of these kids have done. That’s why he posted that video on Facebook and reminded everyone that there is still hope in humanity.

After the video was posted and started to get viral, the local media researched about the whole story and contacted the parents of these children for interview. The parents are so proud of their kids and even said that it just proves that the way they are raising those children is working. They know what is right from wrong.

People on the Internet agreed to the parents and they believe that the credits must go to them because they did an excellent job in raising those 3 honest kids.


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