Homeless Guy Goes Viral and Companies Gives Job Offers

Homeless Guy Goes Viral and Companies Gives Job Offers

Homeless Guy with a signboard

There was a homeless guy who was so desperate to have a job 11 months ago. That’s why one morning, he decided to dress up nicely and headed to the nearby highway of Mountain View, California.

He has a signboard that reads “Homeless Hungry 4 Success Take a Resume”. Fortunately, a passerby named Jasmine Scofield asked permission if she can take a picture of him with his sign and post it online.

After that, the picture of this homeless guy went viral. It has been retweeted for more than 131,000 times and has over 210,000 likes.  Many companies saw this post and were willing to help this guy out.

Two days after it was posted, many people from big companies such as Google, Pandora, and Bitcoin approached this homeless guy. It turns out that his bold action was his biggest break.

Background of the Homeless Guy

The name of the homeless guy is David Casarez, who is a college graduate and a web developer.

So, before this had all happened, David graduated from Texas A&M University and started working for General Motors in Austin, Texas as a web developer.

After working for General Motors, David decided to move out from Texas to Silicon Valley in California.

He cashed out $401k from his savings to fund his journey. He hoped that he would be able to start up his own company or find a better job in California.

Unfortunately, he was not able to achieve what he had hoped for and lost everything.

David has been living in his van for a year. He’s been living that way because no one wants to give him a job.

He went to so many companies, but no one accepted him. After a year of living that way, he repossessed his van because he has no more funds to pay for it.

Ever since his van was gone, David started to sleep in a park and became a homeless guy.


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