Hip-Hop Artist Helps Out The Wild Cats With His Music

Hip-Hop Artist Helps Out The Wild Cats With His Music

“Trap” is a U.S. subgenre of hip-hop music. It evolved from Southern hip-hop, and according to Wikipedia, it is typically poetically unattractive and disturbing.

It is defined by using certain drums and synthesizers, and the songs connect to the trouble in life which these artists have grown up with.

davis the hip-hop artist
Facebook / TrapKing Humane Cat Solutions

Sterling Davis started to perform in this same nasty style, but when he started volunteering in an animal sanctuary, his life changed completely.

Davis doesn’t like the name very much, but men started to call him the “Trap King.”

Davis love cats
Facebook / TrapKing Humane Cat Solutions

That’s somewhat because of his musical past, but also because he was a TNR society advocate: trap, neuter, return.

TNR is a technique used to guarantee that the population remains small for wild cats that do not have anyone to take care of them.

cuddling with cats
Facebook / TrapKing Humane Cat Solutions

He becomes an expert on the process and goes out to places with cat problems. Davis also teach them about TNR so that the cats will not get hurt.

He breaks stereotypes as a black person in the cat advocate society, and he hopes that he will be surrounded by many followers someday.

hip-hop artist love cats
Facebook / TrapKing Humane Cat Solutions

Learn more about him by watching the video posted on Facebook.

"Trap King", A Man On A Mission To Save Cats

The "Trap King" talks about his process of TNR (Trap. Neuter. Return.) and his unique approach to helping cats find homes. 😺 GET MORE RARE PURSUITS ==> http://on.rare.us/2GpjoRz

Rare Life यांनी वर पोस्ट केले मंगळवार, ६ फेब्रुवारी, २०१८

He has such a good heart that helps all those cats. You can purchase a t-shirt if you want to help his program.


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