Heroic Son Died By Protecting Her Mother from a Killer

Heroic Son Died By Protecting Her Mother from a Killer

November 18, 2017, Jaishaun Williams and his mom, Renita Wells, were shot inside their home in Henrico County, Virginia. Wells died on the spot, while his heroic son Williams later passed away in the hospital. He was only 15 years of age.

Not an hour after the deadly shooting, police captured 33-year-old Derrell Williams, Wells’ significant other and Jaishaun’s stepfather.

Her grandmother, Rachelle, tells the police that Well is afraid for her wellbeing before she was murdered. “I just told her the other day to get a restraining order on him because she was afraid,” Rachelle said.

Moments after the shooting, a high-speed car chase happened that between Williams and the police

high-speed chase
Screenshot / WTVR

When the vehicle of the suspect spun off the road, he can’t escape anymore to the police.

The police found a handgun and cocaine in his vehicle. The charges incorporate crime evading police, ownership of drugs, and firearm charges.

The suspect is not charged with murder, yet WTVR reports that police have affirmed they aren’t searching for suspects.

If William really killed his significant other and the heroic son, He should be punished to the very extent.

When you know somebody who is experiencing maltreatment, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1−800−799−7233.


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