Heroic Act of a Groomer Saved 20 Horses In a Burning Barn

Heroic Act of a Groomer Saved 20 Horses In a Burning Barn

The wildfire that happened in South California made 212,000 individuals flee their homes.

It destroys more than 257,000 sections of land, crushing 1,000 construction and giving many wild animals no other decision but to escape their homes.


When the fire emerged in North San Diego County, many horses were caught in their stables at the San Luis Rey Downs Training Center.

Fear and panic were felt by those living within the vicinity as the blaze developed.

The poor horses couldn’t escape on their own, but thanks to a speedy, fearless, and heroic act of one young fellow, they manage to survive that tragedy.

Leo Tapia takes care of the ponies in the stables. He is very fond of the horses and considered them like his family.

At the point when the flames are getting worse, Tapia hurried to the stables. He opened many entryways as he could while exposing his own life to danger.

“I was just scared, but I wasn’t thinking. It was just too fast, everything,” he stated.

There are at least 20 horses alive because of his courageous move. Watch the clip he recorded and posted on Facebook.

Leo Tapia saves horses #LilacFire

Leo Tapia produced a Facebook live video as he was freeing horses from the #LilacFire at San Luis Rey Downs Training Center. The fire was quickly approaching the stables and without Leo, many more horses may have been killed. You can watch the full video on his Facebook page here: http://bit.ly/2AZkoMe

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It was very unfortunate that not every horse made out of the stables alive. A total of 6 horses were killed, but he’s still thankful that his favorite horse, Midnight Summers, was alive and well.

heroic act of a savior saved his favorite horse
Screenshot / ABC 10 News

I am very sad that some horses died because of wildfire. However, I’m thankful that Tapia was able to save a lot of horses and himself. Tapia did a very heroic act, good job to him!


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