Here’s How Technology Could Save The Fashion Industry

Here’s How Technology Could Save The Fashion Industry

How technology could save the fashion industry. As we all know the fashion industry contributes more to climate change than all international flights and maritime shipments combined. It generates 20% of water waste and 10% of carbon emissions globally.

Each year the industry releases half a million tons of synthetic microfibers into the ocean.

Now, consumers are becoming more aware of the environmental costs of producing cheap clothes, some are even forming sustainable habits including buying old clothes.

How technology could save?

Fashion giants are responding also. By 2025, Zara said to only use organic, sustainable or recycled cotton, linen and polyester to make clothes. Nike will power its plant with 100% renewable in 2025. H&M promises to do the same as Zara, 2030.

The improvements in the fashion industry are being driven by new technologies. This could transform the way clothes are designed and produced.

how technology could save
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Reduce Waste

Teemill being an example to the industry. Here’s how.

Co-founder of Teemill, this is a UK startup company that manufactures and recycles t-shirts using renewable energy to reduce waste. Mart Drake-Knight says,

Fashion is a high volume, low value, waste stream. There’s a lot of it and it’s worth nothing

He claims that three out of five shirts sold today will be thrown away or trashed within a year.

Now, Teemill items are produced in real-time and on-demand in their factory in England with the help of dozens of robotic devices and artificial intelligence. Anyone with an internet connection can design and sell t-shirts through Teemill’s website. Also, they include charities like Save the Children and Greenpeace.

We know fashion is important. Let us consider the environment and hope that fashion companies will all consider a greener way to produce and sell products.


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