Have You Heard About Knowledge Management?

Have You Heard About Knowledge Management?

The classic one-line definition of Thomas Hayes “Tom” Davenport, Jr. (an American academic and author) of knowledge management is known for its brief yet the well-explained description of KM.

He explained that “Knowledge Management is the process of capturing, distributing, and effectively using knowledge” (Davenport, 1994).

Thomas H. Davenport explains Knowledge Management
Thomas H. Davenport Jr. | Alchetron

In other words, the information will be collected depending on what area for each organization.

Moreover, the information that has been collected will be distributed to each member and that will allow the organization to learn collectively by effectively using the knowledge that has been collected.

Certainly, one good example of this to further explain is our school system. The school gathers the teachers to collect knowledge and manage it as well so that they can effectively teach it to the students.

Therefore, the teachers will distribute their knowledge effectively to the students so that they can absorb the proper amount of knowledge which is not beyond their capabilities.

knowledge management

In other words, the school itself is an example of how knowledge management works. People will collect information, distribute it, and effectively using it to learn.

Above all, knowledge management is just like a group study that a few numbers of students gather with the same goal which is to study and some schoolwork.

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