Have You Heard About A Condition Called ‘Man Flu’?

Have You Heard About A Condition Called ‘Man Flu’?

When the winter season comes, some men feel so sick. As if a serious condition has inflicted them. Are you one of those men? Don’t worry, it’s not a weird condition because Oxford dictionary described it as “man flu”.

Moreover, there’s a Canadian study issued in The BMJ, which shows that men will most likely get sick than women when cold season comes.

The researchers concluded that there is considerable evidence to imply that there’s an immunity difference between men and women in cold and flu symptoms.

There’s another study in Hong Kong proved that men are more likely to be admitted in the hospital because of flu-related symptoms.

condition called man flu?

The experts of the study determined that men have higher chances to suffer from viral respiratory sickness due to weak immune systems.

The main reason for their weaker immune system is because of their testosterone levels. One study discovered that men with elevated testosterone levels have a lower antibody response to vaccination.

On the other hand, whether if you’re a man or woman, the way to treat flu is still the same. We all must rest, be hydrated always, and drink over-the-counter meds.

After learning all about the weakness of men, we can say that women are biologically tougher than men. That’s why it is safe to conclude that each person has their own strengths and weaknesses.

Did you experience this man flu or any of your friends and family? Share this story with them so they will know their condition.


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