Happiness Is A Choice That We Have To Make

Happiness Is A Choice That We Have To Make

In our lifetime, positive and negative happens both occur to us to make us feel grateful and succeed, and to teach us lessons and to improve ourselves.

Positive things happen to us to make us realize that the world is beautiful, that we all deserve to experience and to have the best that life has to offer.

happiness is our choice to make

On the other hand, negative events occur to teach us a lesson that we have yet to realize and understand and to improve what we lack on and become the better version of ourselves.

However, when someone is at the lowest point of his/her life, he/she dwells too much in it that he forgets to be grateful and appreciate what he still has.

His mind gets so clouded with negativity that it may sometimes trigger him to wallow in the darkness and forget that the metaphor that “there is a light at the end of the tunnel”.

This metaphor is a statement that shows that no matter how dark it is in the journey that we are walking through, it will always be worth it in the end.

We will experience better things and become the better, if not yet the best version of ourselves.

That these tragic life events only help shape our personality to be stronger and wiser for the future and prepare us for the next battles we have to face for the rest of our days.

baby happy

With that, happiness becomes nonexistent in our vocabulary that we often forget that it is up to us to choose whether we would like to be happy or not.

Meaning, at the end of the day, we have power over our emotions. Therefore, we should just choose happiness, no matter how hard it is, right?


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