Hanoi’s Motorbike Obsession

Hanoi’s Motorbike Obsession

Hanoi’s motorbike obsession is just getting worse. Once you arrive in Hanoi, you’ll notice right away the city’s love with motorbikes.

Motorbikes dominate the streets and they are part of the everyday scene in Vietnam’s capital. For most people, traveling on a bike is faster, and not to mention much cheaper than traveling with four wheels.

This city consists of around eight million people. There are nearly six million motorbikes compared to only seven hundred thousand cars. So, let’s just take that in for a moment. That’s so many motorbikes indeed.

Hanoi's motorbike obsession
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Hanoi’s Motorbike Obsession: Continued

They carry everything you see. From people to goods, and you know it’s common to see goods stacked upon goods on top of motorbikes. So, when you see one of these on the road don’t get surprised.

Visitors and locals here can use apps such as GrabBike for them to move around the city.

Meanwhile, the government plans to ban motorbikes in downtown by 2030 to ease the pollution and congestion.

The hope is that more locals use public transportation networks, which the government is looking to overhaul.

One company is trying to make a more green solution. Vinfast, the automotive arm of Vietnam’s largest conglomerate. Vingroup launched its first electric scooter, Klara in 2018.

And according to Vinfast, their electric scooter emits less exhaust gases and pollutants, thus creating a more environment-friendly way of transportation.


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