Gundam 40th, Why this Anime is so Popular Worldwide?

Gundam 40th, Why this Anime is so Popular Worldwide?

As the anime franchise celebrates it’s 40th anniversary this year, let’s take a look back at what Gundam is and what makes it spark it’s popularity worldwide.

gundam rx 78
Courtesy from pixabay

Created Yoshiyuki Tomino and Japanese anime studio Sunrise in 1979, Gundam is a fictional anime series featuring giant robots battling with each other.

The idea of Gundam is the concept of “the real robot,” which is basically a standard robot figure.

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gundam wing
Courtesy from pixabay

Yup! and that’s why it was also called “Mobile Suit” or a powered exoskeleton, a high edge weaponry system allows the robot itself to copy the human movements and gestures.

And it needs a pilot inside of it, Pew pew firing laser beams!

Well if you may have seen the movie Pacific Rim, or the famous cartoon and has a movie adaption Power Rangers, that’s basically it is.

The show that started it all

gundam ms
Courtesy from fandom

Mobile Suit Gundam, is the first anime to be released on the franchise.

Features the boy named Amuro Ray the hero and a man named Char Aznable the anti-hero.

Right before it’s an overwhelming success, did you the show had been canceled a few times? Yes, it is.

It was just aired on local TV channels back in the early ’70s and was not produced in Tokyo by that time.

However, the show began to gain audiences as the viewers tend to know the true theme of it such as war, child abuse, and labor.

The Show has been popular in the west after the Zeta and Wing.

The Birth of Gunpla

Gundam is not only known for its anime but it is known for its own figures as well. Isn’t that exciting?

What more interesting is that this is also one of the reasons why it became popular in the West.

Following the show’s cancellation in 1980 with the help of Bandai, a Japanese toy brand, create a “plastic model” for its series.

The parts came in up to three different colored sprues and need glues and paint for it to be finished.

It is a 1/144 scale model or about 63mm.

gundam model
Courtesy from 1999 co jp

Now Gunpla or being a hobby of building and painting Gundam figures has different variations is sizes.

Such HG and RG 1/144, MG 1/100, PG 1/60.

I will not explain it one by one but below is the examples:

The figures are so famous that they even build a giant statue in Diver City located in Odaiba, Tokyo Japan.

RX-78 known as “Gramps” or “Grandpa” for its popularity is the first Statue.

Which had been replaced by RX-0 Gundam known as Unicorn Gundam, a transforming Gundam which is a Transforming Statue as well, Wow!

In the video, courtesy from Leon Lee’s YouTube channel shows how the statue transforms.

Awesome! I would Imagine piloting if there’s a real one!

Congrats on 40 years of inspiration!


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