Gua Sha Therapy Cured Hairdressers’ Posture Problem

Gua Sha Therapy Cured Hairdressers’ Posture Problem

Many types of occupations are viewed as harmful to our wellbeing, but hairdressing doesn’t appear as such.

We always do our hair and never complain, isn’t that so? All things considered, we don’t often invest our energy on hours of cutting, coloring, and shaping other’s hair.

On the other hand, hairdressers are doing that throughout the day, since they always make their clients get the best look they deserve.

gua sha therapy
Facebook / Hitesh Patel

With that, Hitesh Patel clarifies that people who are in this field must have a therapy called Gua Sha.

Patel stated that the body form which hairdressers hold while working can produce a harmful effect on their posture, making their muscles take the burden of having an unnatural skeletal framework.

So, when they started to rest, a natural position doesn’t feel right. The red imprints you see on the body aren’t the consequences of having a bad posture.

red marks
Facebook / Hitesh Patel

But rather they’re the effects of Gua Sha therapy, a healing method of conventional East Asian drug which includes “scraping” the skin with a back-rub device.

The therapy may look very painful, but it helps a lot. It eases the pain, stiffness, and relieve patients from fever, chill, cough, wheeze, nausea, and vomiting.

It may as well improve one’s blood circulation and lessen inflaming the skin.

The red imprints – otherwise called petechiae – are dormant blood cells that have been squeezed out of the vessels, giving a smooth flow of the bloodstream.

I had no clue hairdressers were facing problems such as this, so I’m very glad that gua sha makes a big difference.

Anyone who experiences such could be treated by therapy, so if you feel any pain and stiffness, try and be treated right away!


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