Greta Thunberg to World Leaders: How Dare You?

Greta Thunberg to World Leaders: How Dare You?

16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg finally got a chance to speak at the largest stage in the world. And she did not disappoint.

Addressing world leaders during the UN Climate Action Summit, the impaled Swedish did not mince her words as she swiped against the inaction of world leaders towards the inevitability of climate change.

In an emotional speech, she decried how world leaders were consumed by “fantasies of eternal economic growth” while giving a blind eye to the ecosystem.

You may watch the video of her 5-minute long speech below.

Apparently, Thunberg believed that the summit would not cause any relevant change towards our outlook on the climate. Hence, originally did not want to go. In her speech, she mentions that she “shouldn’t even be here”, and should just be in school back in Sweden. However, she was compelled following the continuous climate protests around the world.

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In her speech, she mentions how governments have failed the young generation, and how the children will not forgive them for their inaction. Thunberg mentions how leaders stole their chance for a decent future, “how dare you?”, she says.

Greta Thunberg didn’t go home empty-handed

Despite the hesitation, Greta Thunberg apparently did not go home empty-handed. Days after her emotional address to the UN, a number of world leaders expressed support. French President Emmanuel Macron called on the European Union to deepen its emission cuts, and further mentioned that countries must sign up for the Paris Climate Agreement or else lose France as a trade partner. Additionally, President Justin Trudeau of Canada met with Thunberg at the summit, as well. However, German Chancellor Angela Merkel received harsh criticism from climate activists. Apparently, Merkel committed to ending the use of coal by 2038, which was unacceptable given the time frame.

Brazil and US Presidents Bolsonaro and Trump were both no shows during the Climate Summit. While China declined to commit to any efforts towards renewable energy.


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