Greenland’s Helheim Glacier now has a Warm Lake

Greenland’s Helheim Glacier now has a Warm Lake

Greenland’s Helheim Glacier now features a warm and ice-free lake right smack in the middle of the ice shelf.

According to NASA Scientists who traveled to Greenland last month, the features that they observed on the Helheim Glacier were very disturbing, to say the least. Among the features that they observed were the following:

  • A warm ice-free lake in the middle of the 7-kilometer wide glacier; and
  • Ultra warm water right under the 100-meter high glacier

Apparently, the team observed a phenomenon beyond recount. Ideally, water temperatures are expected to drastically cool down as it moves closer to a cold surface, and vice versa. However, according to Ian Fenty of NASA, “These warm waters now are able to be in direct contact with the ice over its entire face, supercharging the melting”. Additionally, he mentions that “right in front of the glacier it’s warm all the way up”.

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Greenland’s Helheim Glacier bids goodbye soon

Compared to previous summers, this year’s summer figures to be the hottest for Greenland’s Helheim Glacier, and other glaciers. Apparently, reports say that this year’s summer would have melted 440 Billion tons of ice by season’s end. Simply put, the world’s oceans could dramatically rise up. According to Josh Willis, NASA Oceanographer, “Greenland has impacted all around the planet.” Additionally, he states that “A billion tons of ice lost here raises sea levels in Australia, in Southeast Asia, in the United States, in Europe,”.

Willis further mentions that “By the year 2100, Greenland alone could cause three or four feet of sea-level rise”. Consequently, this discusses the state of urgency the world must face.

Beyond the melting glaciers in Greenland, the same can be said about other ice-capped areas around the world. In Antarctica, ice blocks as large as the smallest states in the US have been breaking from the continental ice shelf at alarming rates.


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