Green Day, FOB, Weezer Announces Massive World Tour

Green Day, FOB, Weezer Announces Massive World Tour

You better wake up before September ends as Green Day, Fall Out Boy and Weezer just announced a major world tour next year.

Three of the best bands to ever rock the stage are joining forces for one of the biggest music events of all time. As each band could easily fill the largest stadiums anywhere in the world, imagine them all playing together. Dubbed Hella Mega, the bands open up the tour in Paris next June. Accordingly, the global tour features concerts in the US, Europe, and Asia.

Rumors of a major rock event featuring these three have been circulating for the past couple of weeks, apparently. And with Green Day frontman Billy Joe Armstrong posted an Instagram video wearing a shirt with the logos of FOB and Weezer, it seemed imminent.

Additionally, fans have been trying to crack the password-protected website which apparently features perks (free tickets, yo), and concert details.

Green Day, FOB, Weezer release new songs in time for the tour

Subsequently, the bands have released new tracks to hype up the fans for the upcoming Hella Mega tour. Green Day’s Father Of All has been steadily gaining airplay and digital streams. Notably, the band’s new album is set for release on February 2020.

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Likewise, Fall Out Boy has also released a new track. The band had been silent for the better part of 2018 and 2019 apparently. However, Dear Future (Hands Up) looks to hype their fans as they release their Greatest Hits album next year as well. Fall Out Boy gained mainstream success over a decade ago. And in 2015, the band inducted Billy Joe and the rest of Green Day onto the Hall of Fame. Hence, there’s a strong relationship between these two.

Weezer, on the other hand, has just released back to back albums. Their The Teal Album and The Black Album were consecutively released this earlier this year to major success. Notably, the Teal Album features a tracklist of 80’s New Wave songs such as Aha’s Take On Me and Toto’s Africa. Additionally, the band announced the release of an LP entitled Van Weezer early next year.


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