Grandma Still Got Her Charm As Men Are Attracted To Her

Grandma Still Got Her Charm As Men Are Attracted To Her

Back in the 1940s, there was an iconic swing dancer and actress name Jean Veloz who was charmingly made her way to the big screen in Hollywood.

She is also doing exhibition ballroom dancing with her partner and husband, Frank. Veloz eventually retired in 1981 after his husband passed away.

However, this grandma returns to her love of dancing 11 years after she retires. She was encouraged by another swing dancer to come out of retirement.

She may be a grandma already, but her passion for dancing and performing is still there. Moreover, just in 2014, Veloz rejoiced her 90th birthday in Thailand and she’s still doing her passion for dancing.

This 90-year old grandma still got her charm as young men lined up to dance with her. More importantly, Veloz didn’t disappoint them all. She impressed everyone and they know that grandma still got her moves.

Let’s watch the dance videos of Veloz on her 90th birthday.

There’s another video that we would like you to see as Veloz dances with her 19-year-old self in a clip from the 1943 film “Swing Fever”. Isn’t she wonderful?

She is indeed a talented woman. It also proves that even when you’re old, you can still do wonderful things.

Share this story with your grandparents and they might get inspired to do their passion even at their old age.


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