GRANDMA becomes a gamer at 90

GRANDMA becomes a gamer at 90

GRANDMA becomes a gamer at 90
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Ninety-year-old “Gamer Grandma” Hamako Mori holds the Guinness World Record as the world’s oldest gaming YouTuber.

Her YouTube channel boasts more than 350,000 followers. Her signature “Konnichiwa” at the start of her video helped her to earn more than a million viewers for each post.

Mrs. Mori lives in Chiba, southeast of Tokyo with her family.  Her only grandchild said “she always gets into games” and her grandmotherly demeanor disappears whenever she starts playing.

While she started streaming her posts on YouTube five years ago, her love for gaming started four decades ago.

She bought her first ever Cassette Console in 1981 and said she was “fascinated” that she had found the most entertaining thing that exists in the world.

GRANDMA becomes a gamer at 90
Photo: The Nation Pakistan

Aside from Call of Duty, she already played the popular games like Super Mario Brothers, Dragon Quest, and Final Fantasy. They keep her up until 2 A.M. especially when she could not just win.

Nonetheless, her favorite games are “Grand Theft Auto” and Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

The oldest gamer grandma said playing videos keeps her motivated in life, saying a person can do whatever she wanted in the virtual world.

While her content keeps getting popularity, she loves the video the most when she was unboxing her brand-new PlayStation console during her 90th birthday.

Her loyal followers are sure eager to watch her unboxing of the PlayStation 5.

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