Gotye: Do You Still Remember the Artist Behind a Famous Song?

Gotye: Do You Still Remember the Artist Behind a Famous Song?

Have you heard the song Somebody that I used to Know? It has been almost a decade since the Australian based singer Gotye released it.

So now Let’s look back on how he made the song that defines the decade.

gotye and kimbra
Courtesy from Billboard USA

Firstly Who is Gotye?

Wouter “Wally” De Backer, or simply known as Gotye is an Australian based singer-songwriter.

Okay so firstly did you pronounced Gotye as “got-ye” or “goat-yey” or whatever it is? Well, we’ve been pronouncing it all wrong.

It is actually pronounced “Gauthier” and the French cognate of Gotye’s given Dutch name “Wouter.”

Well wow, what cool facts.

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He was born in 1980, in Bruges, Belgium, De Backer emigrated to Australia with his family two years later.

Growing up, De Backer displayed a passion for music and learning various instruments, most notably piano and drums.

Early ages of his career, Wally formed a band called “Downstares” with three of his high school friends, including Lucas Taranto (who still plays in his live shows).

So we all know he is famous for his song Somebody that I Used To Know features Kimbra a New-Zealand singer.

And as of today, the song reaches 1.3 Billion views on YouTube and was number 4 at Spotify’s most streamed songs of the decade.

But he is also famous for his hit album “Making Mirrors” back in 2011. And it includes the song as well.

Making Mirrors

So the project started when he released the song “Eyes Wide Open,” making it the first song of the album.

And in December 2011, Making Mirrors was voted Triple J listeners’ number-one album of 2011.

Therefore making him the first artist to win the Triple J album poll twice.

Right after his success however, Gotye had a sudden Hiatus in 2014, fans and music industry were shocked about it.

He said that there “there will be no new Gotye music.” However, Wally made some appearances and preserving the legacy of the late Jean Jacques Perrey.

He is an amazing, talented and humble person.

Because back in 2017, the singer turns down a million deal with YouTube to advertise his music he said:

“I’m not interested in selling my music.”

“That’s the reason I don’t put ads on my YouTube channel, which seems strange to people in today’s climate, but that is a decision you can make.”

“I’m like that with all my music. I generally never want to sync my music for products.”

What a talented and a good person he really is, let’s hope for his return as he mentioned that it might be possible.


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