GOOGLE Fired Four Employees

GOOGLE Fired Four Employees

Google fired four employees over the alleged data-security issues. Meanwhile, Tensions continue to rise between Google and its employees.

The latest news occurred on Monday when Google sent an email to all staff members describing its decision. The decision was to fire four employees for not following its data-security policies. Google confirmed the remarks on the email titled “Securing our data”, which first obtained and reported by Bloomberg.

Google fired four employees
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The company did not give any comment on what is the content of the email.

Google fired four employees, protests still continues

The news comes as Google employees continue to engage protests and organize walkouts over the issues. Such as the companies sexual harassment allegations against executives. Also, about lack of action on climate change, the pursuit of military contracts. And the potential development of a censored search engine service in China.

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On Friday, protesters gathered in front of Google headquarters in San Francisco as part of an employee protest. They demand that Google rehire the two of the employees on administrative leave. Furthermore, on Monday, one of the two employees, Rebecca Rivers, tweeted that she had just been informed she was being fired.

According to a statement from the workers organizing against Google,

With these firings, Google is ramping up its illegal retaliation against workers engaging in protected organizing.

This is classic union-busting dressed up in tech industry jargon, and we won’t stand for it.


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