Goo Hara Found Dead

Goo Hara Found Dead

South Korean K-pop star Goo Hara found dead in her home on Sunday. According to Gangnam District Police in Seoul.

Police would not comment on her cause of death.

Goo Hara found dead
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Goo Hara

The 28-year-old K-pop singer, once part of the South Korean girl band Kara, found unconscious in her Seoul home in May. After she had posted the word “Goodbye” on her Instagram account. The post was later deleted, prompted comment on concerns from her fans.

At that event, Goo found and taken to the hospital. She later apologized to her fans for causing concerns to everyone and for causing commotions.

This reignited the debate over the intense pressure of K-pop stardom, which critics say is pumped by harsh online criticism leveled at the industry’s performers.

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After a month of her hospitalization, she posted on her social media, threatening legal action against malicious comments, and revealed she was suffering from depression.

Goo has also been embrangled in a public dispute with her former boyfriend Choi Jong-bum. She accused Choi of blackmailing her by threatening to release a video of them having sex. Choi initially denied the claims. But found guilty of blackmail and assault and given a suspended sentence earlier this year, according to an attorney for Goo.


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