Gold and Platinum Bars Fall from Heaven, is it a Miracle?

Gold and Platinum Bars Fall from Heaven, is it a Miracle?

There were Gold and Platinum Bars that literally rained down from the sky in Siberia last year. It is like a miracle from heaven considering that these two elements are precious.

Although miracles are true, the real story behind this is when a routine takeoff from a Russian airport went wrong.

The Nimbus Airlines AN-12 cargo plane have been carrying ten tons, or an estimated $378 million worth of gold, platinum, and diamonds belonging to the Canadian mining company Kinross Gold.

While the airplane is taking off from Yakutsk Airport on March 15, the plane’s cargo hatch opened, spilling nearly 200 gold and platinum bars weighing a total of about 3.4 tons.

gold and platinum bars

Most of the bars reportedly landed on the Yakutsk Airport runway, though the plane flew another 10 miles before making an emergency landing at the Magan Airport, dropping more gold bars along the way.

According to Russian news agency TASS, the ground crew at the airport may not have secured the cargo properly. Fortunately, nobody was hit or injured by the falling 44-pound bars.

There was no structural damage either, as none of the bars hit any vehicles or structures.

gold and platinum bars

Police sealed off the runway to recover the dropped cargo. A police spokesman has since announced that nearly all the fallen treasure has been found. Watch the short of footage of what happened.

According to the Financial Post, treasure hunters have been rushing to Siberia in an attempt to find the remaining bars. Can you really blame them? If you are in their position, would you do the same action?


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