Girl Labeled as “Purple People Eater” Because of Her Birthmark

Girl Labeled as “Purple People Eater” Because of Her Birthmark

Kiana Smith is an ordinary girl like anyone else, with only a single exception. She was brought into the world with probably the rarest skin birthmark. It is commonly called a port-wine stain, which is enormous.

It extends from one side of her face up to the other until down of her neck and chest. As you may have thought, she did her best-overcoming criticism as she was growing up.

girl with birthmark

She got a lot of unpleasant nicknames and was even alluded to as the “purple people eater.” Kiana has experienced several medical procedures to reduce her birthmark’s size.

Laser treatment was also applied to neutralize the affected area. Luckily, medical procedures had helped altogether. She stops bearing the burden on her face.

The change in Kiana Smith is very important. She often feels the blood flowing on her birthmark, and the concern was gone after the treatments were conducted. 

grown girl with birthmark

Moreover, her speaking was also affected by the enormous birthmark. So how do these sorts of birthmarks even occur in any instance? The appropriate response was a very straightforward one.

The Girl Has An Infected Birthmark

The main cause of the infected birthmark is the external development of blood veins. At the point when these vessels were allowed to flourish, these birthmarks made.

side view of birthmark

Thus, the development of veins didn’t stop, so she just accepted it and lived her life as anybody else does. Kiana does not let the huge birthmark take away the normal life she wanted.

It is very admirable that she never let the birthmark control her way of life. She made progress since she was a child, hasn’t she?

Kiana realizes that individuals are going to think about what they want to think, and that is their concern, not hers. We agree! Kiana has even turned into an ambassador for the Vascular Birthmark Foundation.

reduced birthmark

She is not sure what’s in store for her. However, with a mindset like hers? There can be no limit of what she is capable of.

Kiana concedes that she is never going to be completely content with the manner of how she looks. In spite of everything, she is still going to fulfill her objectives and dreams.

She has accomplished a lot, regardless of her uncommon appearance, and we are certain that the best is just about to come.

Watch her full story in the video below:


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