Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Often times, we tend to stay where we feel most comfortable or also known as our comfort zone. May it be a situation or a person.

It is natural for human beings to stick to the situation that is most convenient and most comfortable for them.

You may agree to disagree but a lot of us would always opt for the easy and stable option than the difficult and challenging one.

But, no matter how fun and enjoyable it is to stay in your comfort zone, you will reach the point wherein you will get curious and wonder what lies on the other side of the situation.

Questions like “what will happen if I do this instead of this?”, “what if I risk this”, “what if I try this out” etc.

get out of your comfort zone

These are only some of the questions you will ask yourself when you are getting tired of settling with your situation.

While some of us, settle for mediocrity and staying in our comfort zone, others opt for challenges and overcoming their fears.

In risking and rising above adversities are we capable of being stronger, wiser and braver?

That no matter how difficult it is to risk and be brave, the reward of fulfillment and having a sense of achievement is what matters more.

Moreover, it will be acquired once we decide to go and explore the opportunities life continues to offer for us.

But what is really the reward of getting out of your comfort zone and knowing the unknowns? It is up to you to decide and know.  


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