Generous Gift of A Family For A Homeless Family

Generous Gift of A Family For A Homeless Family

Christmas is fast approaching. It is the time of the year again to give a gift to our friends and families. However, we should always remember that not every family has a home to celebrate the season.

Just like this family in Greeley, Colorado, who almost spend the holiday on a freezing and broken bus 2 years ago. Olivia, her partner, and her three children have been living inside a bus for a few months last 2017.

They have no electricity and not enough food for themselves. In other words, they don’t have something to celebrate on Christmas 2017. Fortunately, one family gave a generous gift to the homeless family.

Virginia Kinch and her family from Longmont have been helping the homeless the best way they can. Moreover, the homeless family of Oliva is the lucky one that year.

The generous family met the homeless family while giving food on Thanksgiving. Virginia was stunned by the living arrangements of Olivia’s family. They saw the situation of the children.

“We fed the family and went home crying,” Kinch said. That’s the time when they decided to do something amazing for them.

Kinch’s family apparently has an old house that they were about to sell or rent it out. However, after meeting Olivia’s family, they found a greater purpose for it.

Virginia and her family quickly went to the homeless family and gave their generous gift to them. They said that Olivia’s family can stay in a fully furnished house for free until they can get back on their feet.

Let’s look at the full story below.

Christmas is indeed the season for loving and giving. The Kinch family displayed their generosity in full scale. With your action, we know that God will continue to bless you.


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