Galaxy Fold of Samsung Would Be Cheaper in its Next Release

Galaxy Fold of Samsung Would Be Cheaper in its Next Release

Obviously, one of the most expensive mobile phones in the market is the foldable smartphone. However, Samsung has promised its customers that their Galaxy Fold will be cheaper than its price today of US$1,980.

Even though the price of the latest launch of Samsung Galaxy Fold is too expensive, its specifications are worth to buy.

The most expensive smartphone of the company has an impressive 7nm octa-core processor, 12GB RAM, and 512GB of UFS 3.0 storage.

On the other hand, the company said that they will be developing an affordable variant which will be cheaper for rich people but still expensive for the average people.

However, it has a lower specification than the first one. It only has 256GB of internal storage and 6GB RAM. Unfortunately, that’s the only information we got for the upcoming Galaxy Fold.

But we’re sure that it will still be one of the beasts when it comes to the smartphone industry.

galaxy fold

Certainly, the new Galaxy Fold will still not be a smartphone that an average person can buy. The report that we got doesn’t elucidate “affordable” really means.

Even though there will be a substantial discount from the price of its first version, this foldable smartphone is still beyond our normal salary.


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