Funny Moment of Dad and Daughter Doing Hair Duty

Funny Moment of Dad and Daughter Doing Hair Duty

Most dads out there don’t really know how to do the hair of their daughters. It’s just like they are not cut for it. However, there are dads who take pride in doing the hair of their little girls. Those are sometimes the funny moment between a dad and her daughter.

funny moment of dad and daughter

These proud dads are taking their time every morning just to help their girls to get ready for the wonderful day ahead. It is an incredible yet funny moment between them.

Just like Derrick Culpepper, who is a barber for many years. One day, Derrick decided to capture this moment of himself doing the hair duty of her daughter in the morning.

The video was able to film this sweet father and daughter bonding and at the same time shows their hilarious moments.

Derrick always asks his 3-year-old daughter on what to do next and her daughters are really instructing his dad on what to do. After successfully doing the task, she is telling her dad that he has done a “good job.”

She never stops cheering him throughout the video. She’s always thanking him and flattering his effort. This is one of the most adorable things that we’ve ever watch.

Honestly, we teared up a bit by just watching it. Check out the video below.

We love to see more of these priceless moments between parents and children. The parents should really invest special time with their children. This is so important because time flies so fast.


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