Flash Mob in a Wedding Initiated by the Pastor

Flash Mob in a Wedding Initiated by the Pastor

Nowadays, weddings are getting complex and unique in their own way. Some people will do a flash mob while some will just do the classic setup.

flash mob on their wedding day

Nonetheless, it all depends on the couple on how they will make their wedding special.

Just Gary and Tracy Richardson are planning for their wedding years ago. The couple wanted to do somewhat special that they will be unique from other weddings.

wedding reception

They are thinking of crazy and funny ways to make it happen. Surprisingly, the pastor, Reverend Kate Bottley, suggested to the couple a perfect way to achieve their goals.

The pastor suggested that they will do the traditional wedding, but they’ll be adding some fun, energetic twist to the ceremony.

flash mob wedding

At their wedding, the couple started to exchange their vows in a normal way. But after they were pronounced as husband and wife, Bottley the pastor started doing some dancing moves.

Watch how their wedding becomes a flash mob right after the Richardsons had their first kiss as a married couple.

This is indeed unique and fun at the same time. The suggestion of the pastor is a great idea. By the way, her moves are cool too.

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