First-Ever Harley Davidson GMC Brand Pickup is in the Works

First-Ever Harley Davidson GMC Brand Pickup is in the Works

Did you get brawns and muscles? You need a bike for that and Harley Davidson is the answer. However, the company is not only into motorbikes.

In partnership with GMC, they will gonna be releasing a pickup soon.

Harley DavidsoN-GMC rumoured pickup
Courtesy of pixabay

The famous motorbike company, Harley Davidson is one of the oldest motorbike brands in the world.

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And for years, they had been signature for their unique bikes.

But this time, they will gonna be releasing a pickup truck.

GMC Sierra

General Motors Company (GMC) is an automotive leading company knows for its pickups, SUVs, trucks, and vans.

They also have a partnership with Chevrolet, one of the leading American automotive brands worldwide.

The Sierra model is one of the full-sized pickup truck by the company.

So If you know the Ford F-150, well surely you might get interested in this one.

The Ford F-150 is a full sized-pick up manufactured by Ford.

Last year, there’s a collab between Harley Davidson and Ford for the F-150, it’s an awesome treatment for the pick-up truck.

Now this year, Harley is doing a collab with GMC with the help of Tuscany Motors, the responsibility for making Harley Davidson edition pickups.

And they are doing a Harley Davidson a sweet treatment for GMC Sierra.

Surely it will be a badass collaboration.

They will gonna start producing the pick up this year and it will be a limited edition only.

So if you love bikes and cars, well this is perfect for you.


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