First AI Anchors Debut in China

First AI Anchors Debut in China

First AI Anchors Debut in China
Photo: The Guardian

China’s state news agency Xinhua in 2018 debuted the world’s first Artificial Intelligence (AI) news anchors reporting “tirelessly” every day.

The first AI news achor’s name is “Qiu Hao.” He wore a red tie and pin-striped suit. While presenting, he at times nodded his head and raised his eyebrows for emphasis.

“Not only can I accompany you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. I can be endlessly copied and present at different scenes to bring you the news,” he said during his reporting.

The second AI presenter speaks in English. In his report, he said media development must integrate with advanced technologies. Further, he promised the viewers to provide a new news experience.

First AI Anchors Debut in China
Photo: The Medium

In the report, Xinhua and Sogou, a Chinese search engine, developed the AIs through machine learning technologies while using footage data of human anchors; these technologies animate parts of the mouth and face to turn the speaker into a virtual puppet with the help of cycle-Generated Adversarial Networks.

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In addition, the state agency said these machine-learning powered anchors “operate 24 hours a day. Further, it redduces news production costs and improving efficiency.”

However, Xinhua said this AI technology is not only for news presenting. This technology will adapt depending on the needs of the clients in the different industries.


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