Finland is No. 1 in Happiness Report but Depression Still Exists

Finland is No. 1 in Happiness Report but Depression Still Exists

Finland is a nation with a 5.5 million population only. It is located in the Northern part of Europe bordering Sweden, Norway, and Russia.

Moreover, the capital of this nation is Helsinki where it is the home of the 18th-century sea fortress of Suomenlinna.

Helsinki is also the fashionable design district of Finland and has different diverse museums of the country.

Furthermore, this Nordic country also ranks number 1 in the World Happiness Report of the United Nations for two consecutive years (2018 and 2019).

Most people in this country have a positive outlook on life and have a high satisfaction rate living in their country.

However, not all Finns agree to the report especially the young people.

Helsinki, Finland
City Nights of Helsinki, Finland via Pixabay

They said that it’s hard to live in the happiest country based on the statistics because it seems like they can’t be sad after all.

Some experts in Finland are saying that the report regarding their happiness is exaggerated.

Above all, most young people in Finland is experiencing depression even their country is labeled as the happiest nation of all.

One of the reasons why they are having anxiety and depression is because of the comparison in social media.

Therefore, the experts believe that the report should look beyond the satisfaction in life as a criterion for happiness.

Certainly, there a lot of things to consider for us to say that a person is truly happy.

In conclusion, Depression really goes way beyond your residency or your country you’re living in.

It doesn’t matter whether your country is the first world or not, a person can still be affected by depression.


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