FIBA World Cup 2019 tips off in China with 32 teams

FIBA World Cup 2019 tips off in China with 32 teams

The 2019 FIBA World Cup starts on Saturday in China.

Notably, an increase in the number of participating countries has been observed this year. Currently, 32 national teams from different continents vie to win the most coveted award in basketball – the FIBA World Cup.

Accordingly, the 18th tournament rally is the second time that the FIBA and FIFA World Cup will not be done in the same year.

Following the usual tradition of the contest, the final standing of teams during the FIBA World Cup would figure in their qualifying for the 2020 Summer Olympics. In essence, the top 2 teams from the Americas and Europe, as well as the top teams for Asia, Africa, and Oceania, will qualify to participate.

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FIBA World Cup predictions vary

Notably, powerhouse lock-ins USA, Spain, France, and Serbia would make a run for the trophy this year. However, sleeper teams in Greece, Australia, Serbia, and the Philippines are making do-overs to reach the top as well. Evidently, teams plan to gang up on and topple the USA basketball team that has lost a string of top-caliber players the past couple of weeks. Apparently, the USA team lost notable All-Stars in the likes of Anthony Davis and James Harden. However, and despite this, this year’s tournament features a record-setting 53 NBA players.

Conversely, sports analysts argue on their predictions for this year’s World Cup. With the notably weakened USA team, it would seem as if the title is up for grabs. However, most analysts still believe that the USA team will bag this year’s title. Although sleeper teams will definitely put up a major challenge for the team. Particularly, Greece, Serbia, and Australia are expected to make a run on the USA team.

FIBA 2019 features 92 games across 16 days starting August 31, 2019.


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