Family in Florida Aren’t Aware of the Snake in their Attic

Family in Florida Aren’t Aware of the Snake in their Attic

Last 2018, a family in Englewood, Florida heard a strange noise in the attic of their home.

Bob van der Herchen, the head of the family, said that they believed for years that those noises are just rats or other pests that are living in their house.

“We really thought that it’s just rats. Our family never think of something crazy,” Bob told WESH.

Boa python

But the family were surprised that their unwanted guest is a 6-foot long Boa constrictor snake. The person who thought this crazy idea that a snake might be living their attic is their son.

At first, the family didn’t believe him. As it turns out, the suspicion of their son is indeed true.

“The snake is bigger than we expected, it took him three and a half minutes to move into the bait space,” Bob explains to the interviewer.

“Our unwanted guest is comfortably resting above the room chair where my wife usually sits,” he added.

“It was actually bunking in the rafter space right above the Florida room chair where my wife sits,” he said.

Bob and his family believed that the snake has been living with them on their attic for two to four years already.

boa snake in the attic

It isn’t hard to assume that because the average lifespan of a boa constrictor ranges from 20 to 30 years.

“There’s nothing to worry,” Bob said because the 6-foot snake is safely removed from the attic of their home.

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