False Advertising: Is it Morally Good or Bad?

False Advertising: Is it Morally Good or Bad?

False advertising is an advertisement of a company or any organization that is based on false information and not on facts and scientific study.

false advertising

This is usually done by some companies so that many people will buy or use their products and services. More importantly, false advertising is basically lying to the people.

The advertisement itself may not be full of lies but there is still false information or exaggerated information that they are conveying to their advertisement.

Therefore, some people are saying that false advertising is unethical in any way because they’re lying to the public by giving false information. It can be less or exaggeration of facts, but it is still wrong.

Lying is giving a person information that is not based on the truth. But we can’t blame the companies who are doing false advertising because they are doing their duty to market their products and services.

However, most advertisements today are not 100% true. That’s why we can say that false advertising is not that bad if the information is not too exaggerated.

marketing strategy

Just like most companies today are doing, they are making an advertisement by not making obvious false information.

On the other hand, we believe that the only solution that we can do to solve false advertising is to train or teach the consumers.

Just like what Aristotle said in his doctrine of the mean, a person must know how to balance between the good and bad.

Therefore, as a consumer, we must know how to check if the product will be good for us or not.

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