Facial Recognition for Students to Focus in School

Facial Recognition for Students to Focus in School

There is a high school in Hangzhou, China who are being criticized for using an advanced monitoring technology such as the facial recognition tech in the classroom of their school.


They are using it to scan the student’s face to determine their emotions and movements every 30 seconds.

They used the system to record the facial expressions of their students and classifies them whether they are happy, mad, awful, confused or troubled.

We just don’t know why they needed to compare students according to their emotions.


But aside from the facial expression, it also archives actions such as reading, writing, participating in class discussions, and even students who are sleeping.

According to Hangzhou Network, the “intellect classroom performance administration system” also tracks attendance.

The students can also use their faces to pay for their canteen food and borrow books in the library.

“The technology is advanced to capture the delicate facial expressions in class. This data system can analyze the performance of the entire class. Of course, this is an effective way to check attendance”

School Officer of Hangzhou High School

The system can easily verify the database of students’ faces to check who is absent and not in less than a minute.

Privacy of the Students on this Facial Recognition Technology

Regarding the privacy of the students, the principal of the school, Ni Ziyuan expounded that the privacy of the students is protected because all the data are stored local server and not on a cloud server.

facial recognition in school

Despite the criticisms the school administration is receiving, the vice principal claims that the facial recognition technology has a positive impact on the students, he explains:

“With this management system, it is also like having an additional teaching subordinate for teachers, that can improve the suitability of education and the positive effect of schoolroom education.”

He also contends that the cameras are also used to monitor the performance of the teachers. Of course, this school is not the only one who implemented facial recognition technology in China.

teacher presenting visual aids

Moreover, China is not the only country who are using this kind of technology to monitor the students.

Just this year, schools in Delhi confirmed that they are using facial recognition technology in all their government schools.

Know more about this story in the video below

What do you think about this monitoring system in China and India? Is it beneficial for students and teachers? Share this with your friends to know their stand about this.


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