Facebook Will Now Hide Spam Posts In Your News Feed

Facebook Will Now Hide Spam Posts In Your News Feed

Facebook, one of the social media giants today are now hiding spam or junk posts in a user’s news feed. They started implementing this new update last 2017 and they currently working on it to make it better.

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The social media giant said that the purpose of this update is to lessen the low-quality links of articles and posts in the news feed of any users.

Moreover, this update has an algorithm to study public posts and analyze if what they are sharing is low-quality content.

In other words, Facebook will prioritize things that are more important to show in the news feed.

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However, the new update only applies to public articles and links. The photos, videos, and pages of your friends are not yet affected by it.

The main reason why Facebook developed such an update is to make the news feed of their users to be more informative.

facebook has an update for our news feed

In a statement of Facebook: 

“These steps that we are making to improve the news feed is just the start. We want our users to find informative stories and articles when they opened their Facebook account.

On the other hand, we can also reduce the spam links on the Internet.”

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