Explanation of the Internet for Not So Techy People

Explanation of the Internet for Not So Techy People

Today, we’ll be trying to explain how the Internet works to a not so techy people. We will be using an analogy that any person could easily understand which is the snail mail.

We all know that snail mail starts with the person writing the letter or the sender, right? It’s the same thing in how the Internet works.

how the internet works

Before our computer shows something into the web through our screen, our computer needs to send a request for information or in our analogy, this is the letter that we will send in the snail mail.

So, once we go to the nearest post office (router in our homes for our computers), we will able to send our letter.

But don’t forget to put the name and address of the receiver so that they will receive your letter and the post office will know where to send it.

Send and Receiving of Information on the Internet

This is also the same with how the Internet works. Before our computers send a request, it needs to put up an address of the receiver or the IP address so that the router will know on which path it should take.

sending and receiving

Back in our analogy, letters that we are sending in our posting that does not only contain an address and name.

But it is also placed inside an envelope or sometimes a box if we are sending some products and not just a letter.

The box or envelope is called packets in the Internet world. This is where our requests are placed so that they can travel safely to the big world of the Internet.

Once the request is sent, the router of the receiver will decode and check if the sender meets all the information need to verify their request.

It’s also the same in our analogy, the nearest post office in your receiver will check and verify if the letter or package that was in their post office is for them and not for somewhere else.

Once verified, it will start to deliver your letter to your receiver. After it was received, the post office will give us a notification that the receiver successfully received your letter.


That’s the same thing with the Internet, the computers and servers will verify the request of our computers.

After it was verified, it will send back the information we needed and notify our computer that the information is on their way.

Basically, that’s how the Internet works and we believe for some non-techy person, this will be easier to understand.


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