Everyone In The World Crave Intimacy

Everyone In The World Crave Intimacy

Everyone has the desire for that feeling of fulfillment brought by intimacy. Human connections make us feel alive and well.

Love & affection that comes from other people is something you cannot find elsewhere.

baby intimacy

Relationships, be it romantic, platonic, bound by blood or water– are all important. We all need someone in life to feel that intimacy.

Someone to lean on when we’re at our lowest. Each of us may have that someone that stands out from the rest.

A person whom you could tell everything to without hesitation and will listen to you. So, to that someone that came into your mind while reading this, remember to thank them from time to time.

Treat them with their favorite foods or ask about their day. Because at this time, we could all use a little optimism and intimacy. Be a bringer of joy even in little ways.

Try to be someone else’s “someone”. But having someone is not necessarily a requirement, it just brings a feeling of comfort, knowing that you have a certain person you could count on.

everyone looks for intimacy

So be thankful for the people in your life, hug them tight when you can and say I love you because tomorrow is not guaranteed.

As Master Oogway said “Yesterday is history, today is a gift and tomorrow is a mystery. That’s why it’s called the present.”


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